A short film by Isa Totah

et in a trailer perched on the outskirts of the Mohave desert, this unusual and moving short features electric performances and a gripping story about two veterans attempting to cope with the aftermath of war. Written and directed by award winning director, Isa Totah.


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Battle director, Isa Totah, launched a blog for actors! It's filled with great tips, humor and even some fiction, all intended to inspire actors and artists.

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We had a fun time at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Shorts Program Manager, Paul Sloop, and the rest of the festival staff are a class act!
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The Battle poster is done!
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The theatre was packed for our first Battle screening at Raleigh Studios. It was a great night! Our thanks to all who attended!
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Thanks to our Supervising Sound Editor, David Bartlett, I got a chance to check out Battle in the same room that some of the top Hollywood films are mixed. What an amazing set up! So much fun!




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Isa Totah is an award winning actor, writer and director living and working in Los Angeles. Battle marks Isa's return to acting after a seven year break to focus on writing and directing. Isa is slated to direct a feature film produced by Oscar winner Mark Johnson.
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Battle unites Michael with director, Isa Totah, for the second time, having made one film together before. He came aboard the project just days before principal photography. An accomplished stage and screen actor, Michael earned a Los Angeles Ovation Award nomination for his portrayal of Ray in the play "Lone Star" opposite Don Swayze, produced by Patrick Swayze and Doris Roberts.  
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Veronica is an international, award winning, actress and classical dancer. An an actress, she was awarded Revelation Actress of the Year for her portrayal of legendary mistress Macorina, in Cuban playwright Carlos Felipe’s Requiem por Yarini. Upon moving to Los Angeles, CBS signed her to a holding deal, choosing her from over 600 candidates.
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Will Potter has performed with such notable actors as Gary Oldman, Paul Sorvino John Glover and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.  He also partnered with Isa Totah to write the screenplay America which is being produced by Academy Award winning producer Mark Johnson and, producer/casting director, Lou Digiaimo.